Teaching Philosophy

As a full-time musician and instructor, I find myself being constantly reminded of the power that the arts have to enrich lives. Art and music are not only excellent vehicles for self-expression and social connection—they also allow us to interpret and respond to the world around us. The arts are perhaps the best means we have for viewing and understanding the ways of other cultures both past and present, and for leaving an everlasting mark in our communities and in our society.

It has been continuously proven that students who participate in arts programs tend to exhibit improvements in fine motor skills, academic performance, and cultural awareness. Playing music in particular can make major impacts on our cognitive abilities. It engages multiple areas of the brain at once, especially the auditory, visual, and motor cortexes. Continued practice not only strengthens those functions, but allows us to apply those strengths to other activities as well. Musical performance increases the brain’s executive function, which covers tasks such as problem-solving, processing and retaining information, and prioritizing tasks.

It is my strongest belief as an educator that each student has their own special way of learning and connecting with music, and that students’ personal needs take priority over all else in the studio or classroom. As a result, I actively take note of what works best for each person or group, and adapt my presentation of the material to best fit those requirements. Lesson plans revolve around a healthy balance of technique, music theory, and exploration into various styles or composers from which students may benefit. My vision as a teaching artist is to ignite musical artistry and passion in every one of my students, and channel it toward improving upon their own personal goals.

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“Will Brobston taught in the Aspen Music Festival and School's Lead Guitar program as an ArtistYear Teaching Fellow, and it was an absolute honor to have him working with our students. Will is a highly skilled classical guitarist and teacher. Always attentive and sensitive to the needs of his students, he developed a strong style of classroom rapport and management, and he was very respected by his students and the other Lead Guitar teachers with whom he collaborated. Will succeeds in both classroom and private lesson settings, and over the course of his time with us, he helped develop some of our most advanced players through a private lesson series, passing along great technique and musicality in general, plus inspiration to keep the students moving ahead in their guitar studies. In addition, Will composed a piece for all students in our Lead Guitar program to play on our final Showcase performance.  Writing specifically for the needs of his students, Will was able to structure the piece to be both distinctly playable and challenging for not only our beginning, elementary school students, but also our advanced, high school students who had been playing for four or more years.  Will is a gem of a teacher that you just don’t find often in the guitar world… Professional, dedicated, intelligent, organized, and hugely talented.  HIGHLY recommended as a teacher and colleague!”

-Katie Hone Wiltgen

“Mr. Brobston began working with our son Lucas during his third year of classical guitar. My wife and I have both been equally impressed with Will's professionalism and depth of knowledge in his field, and the friendly, yet focused manner in which he has instructed Lucas. Will's tutelage has brought out a deeper understanding and appreciation of both music and classical guitar in our son. We are grateful for the short time that he was able to spend with Lucas and regret his moving away. We are confident that Mr. Brobston will continue to be a wonderful asset to any musical instruction program he is a part of as well as a much sought after mentor for serious classical guitar students like our son.”

-Gil Villareal


ArtistYear End-of-Year Presentation, June 2018