Retrospect was constructed to loosely reflect the concept of retrospective memory. This short suite begins with a dramatic Prelude, evoking a feeling of remembrance and reflection on events of the past. This introductory movement revolves around a simple theme heard at the very beginning. The theme occurs twice more near the end, both times in a different musical context; its final statement represents a faint reminiscence of the opening.

The Intermezzo serves as a linking movement between the Prelude and Fugue. It slowly progresses through different harmonic fields, beginning with the harmony that ends the Prelude, and ending with the pitch-class set that opens the Fugue.

The Fugue is the most dissonant and chaotic of the movements, and is centered around the opening subject played by the viola. The fugue subject is restated in a variety of transpositions and mutations throughout this final movement, representing a rapid succession of short-term memories.


Performed by Arlo Adams (violin I), Autumn Pepper (violin II), Denise Jones (viola), and Emma Schwarz (cello).